Sam Bould // Editor

Sam has been editing with us for over 10 years and has picked up several Best Editing Nominations including a British Arrows Craft in 2014 for ManKind’s Violence is Violence.

He has collaborated with a wealth of great directors including; The Sacred Egg (Race for Life), David Lodge (888 Poker), David Stoddard (ManKind), and David Dao (giffgaff).

Nicolas Godin: Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde
Record Label: Because
Production Company: Riff Raff Films
Director: The Sacred Egg

ManKind: Violence is Violence
Agency: Dare
Production Company: Dark Energy
Director: David Stoddart

Shot with three hidden cameras in central London we see two examples of violence play out. One where a man abuses a woman and then the next shows a woman abusing a man. In the first instance the public all go straight to the woman’s rescue but in the second the woman is left to abuse the man whilst people watch without much concern for the man’s wellbeing.

The campaign came to Big Chop through Bradley Woodus at Dare, Executive Producer Matt Brown and Director David Stoddart. It was Sam Bould and David Stoddart’s first collaboration and has bountiful online editors picks throughout the weekend.