Big Chop
Big Chop Round-up

Big Chop Round-up

Big Chop Round-up

The Choppers have been storming on with more and ITV's Vera for Colin, Sam's Race for Life received much critical acclaim as did Matthew's St Mungo's and Independent, Pick of the weeks and Five stars abounded.

Take a look at what our talented chaps have been up to.


The British Arrows saw much joy as David Stoddart's Mankind Violence is Violence picked up a Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Film created by Dare and produced by Dark Energy, was edited by Big Chop's Sam Bould and post produced by Big Buoy. It challenges societies perceptions of domestic violence and as a result received a combined total of over 9 million views on YouTube.

Congratulations to Dare's Chloe Pope and Jessica Morris who took the Gold for Best New Creative Team.


Jaguar: Blow Away The Grey
Agency: Spark44 | Production Company: Wanda Productions | Director: Eshan B | Editor: Colin Sumsion

Optus: They Will Use It
Agency: Emotive Content | Production Company: HSI | Director: Sam Washington


Cancer Research: Race For Life

Agency: Mother | Production Company: Riff Raff Films | Director: The Sacred Egg

Capital One: Little Legends

Production Company: RSA Films | Director: Morgan Hutchins


Land Rover: Winter BBQ
Agency: Tag | Production Company: Rockhound | Director: George Messa

DFS: Ferris Wheel

Agency: Krow | Production Company: Outsider | Director: Pedro Romhanyi


St Mungo's Healthcare

Agency: Publicis Chemistry | Production Company: Mustard | Director: Dom Bridges

I Newspaper: The Independent

Agency: Atomic London | Production Company: Mustard | Director: Simon Levene


On another note, long term friend and artist Lee Goulding held a practically sell out exhibition raising £2k for breast cancer.

Sun's out, see you at the pub.